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Business Talen Rotterdam - Private lessons

Private lessons

Your needs are central to every private language course provided by Business Talen Rotterdam BV. To meet those needs in the best possible way, you will have your own private teacher. This means that every course is tailor made, in other words, a course where the material is adapted to suit your personal needs.

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Free introductory lesson

In order to put together a professional course, the teacher needs some information from you. In a free introductory lesson of 1.5 hours the teacher will assess your language skills (if indeed there are any at all in your target language). During this time you can also inform your teacher about your wishes and learning goals.

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Course contents

On the basis of your indications in the free introductory lesson together with your learning needs, the teacher will put together an appropriate course for you. During the course you can put emphasis on the following:

verbal communication (speaking and listening), grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing skills, sentence structure, vocabulary acquisition, state exams. giving presentations, correspondence, writing reports and e-mails, telephone language. business language for international trade, technology, law, finance, accountancy, logistics, insurance, ICT, services, industry, health care, agriculture, industry, etc.

Business Talen Rotterdam - Evaluation


Based on the results of the introductory lesson, the teacher will write an evaluation report in which your various language skills are analysed. In an accompanying level table, ranging from 0 to 10, you can see at which level you currently function. Reference to the European Framework (A1-C2) is possible, of course but, due to it having just 6 levels, there is less differentiation.
The teacher will also advise you on the number of lessons needed to achieve your goal. The report will also be sent to you, so you know where you stand right from the beginning of the course and what the objectives are.

Business Talen Rotterdam - Results


Of course you want to know what results Business Talen Rotterdam BV can guarantee you after completing your course. Assuming that a normal effort is invested into the course, you will always achieve the objectives the teacher indicated as feasible in the introductory evaluation report.
After the course, the teacher will write a final evaluation report in which the final results will be displayed. In the level table you can easily see how many steps you have climbed. This will give you a clear indication of your progress – following a language course at Rotterdam Business Talen Rotterdam BV is a sound investment!

Business Talen Rotterdam - Guided conversations

Guided conversations

The starting point for all courses is to familiarise you with the foreign language. To this end the teachers speak only in the foreign language and constantly invite you to respond. In these guided conversations the teachers use intonation, phrases, grammatical constructions and speed of speech to suit the level at which you started the course.
You will find that this immersion technique is highly effective: your utterances acquire the appropriate structure and so you will succeed in communicating effectively.

Business Talen Rotterdam - Material


The material used is modern and above all practical. In all courses we work with the latest books, and only after they have been subjected to close scrutiny.

The course includes – at your level – relevant key terminology.  By practising this, it will help you to communicate practically from the start. To make the lessons varied and lively, the teacher has access to a large variety of audiovisual aids. This professional equipment, combined with the personalised guidance of your teacher, helps ensure a successful course.

The language teachers at Business Talen Rotterdam BV

Your teachers on the course are native speakers, which means that they come from the country whose language you want to learn. They are qualified and are selected on the basis of proven ability and experience in providing business-oriented language. In order to meet your language requirements, they are very flexible and always keep your goals in mind.
During the free introductory lesson – which is without any obligation whatsoever – you will get to meet your language teacher. The teacher in this lesson is in principle the one you will be having for the rest of the course.

Course prices

On request. Please send us an email with your required language needs and we will send you an estimate straight away – without any obligation.


Minimum number of lessons

The minimum number of lessons you can follow at Business Talen Rotterdam BV is 15. Every lesson is 1.5 hrs. The minimum frequency is one lesson per week, but if you should want to continue at a higher pace, you may decide how many lessons you wish to take per week.


Flexible schedule

A flexible schedule is possible if you cannot plan a fixed lesson day. As Business Talen Rotterdam BV is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm, you can follow your course after working hours. You are welcome on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Immediate start

Business Talen Rotterdam BV has no waiting period. If you register for a course, you are usually placed within two weeks and can start your course. All year round!


As well as tax deductions, there are several possibilities for grants relevant to the courses offered by Business Talen Rotterdam BV. You can apply for a grant from the European Social Fund (ESF) or your own industry association.