Business Talen Rotterdam - State Examinations NT2 & NT1

Follow a language course for the state exams Inburgering, NT1 and NT2

The state examination for Dutch as a second language was created to test the skills of those who wish to follow education given entirely in Dutch at MBO (NT2 level 1 required), or at HBO or university level (NT2 level 2 required). If, however, you do not intend to follow such a path but the company for which you work places demands on your language skills, then you can take the official NT2 exam. Of course, you may just like to know for yourself at which level your language skills are. In which case you can also register for the exam.

Good preparation and guidance

Business Talen Rotterdam - State Examinations NT2 & NT1

If you want to prepare yourself well for the official state exams Inburgering, NT1 or NT2, you are very welcome at Business Talen Rotterdam BV. The Dutch teachers will guide you through the four components that make up the exam: speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. If you have already acquired a part certificate, you can concentrate on the areas that you need for the rest of the qualification.

The course for the state examinations Inburgering, NT1 and NT2 is always on a private basis or in small groups. Individual teaching ensures excellent results and a very high success rate.

The course consists of a minimum of 15 language lessons of 1.5 hours. During the free 1.5 hour introductory lesson, the teacher assesses your language level and advises you on the structure and required duration of the language training.

Funding is available through DUO for NT1, NT2 and Inburgering courses. This is possible as Business Talen Rotterdam works in accordance with the quality guidelines set out in 'Blik op Werk'.

More information: 010-458 15 50