Business Talen Rotterdam - English Language Course

English course at Business Talen Rotterdam BV

In the business world English is the dominant language, not just in English-speaking countries but all over the world as well. Furthermore, operating companies based in the Netherlands are increasingly using English as their corporate language. Investing in a professional English course now means reaping the rewards later of being able to communicate freely using the world’s most important language. In due course you will feel confident in your abilities to represent your company professionally in business meetings and will be able to communicate effectively.

Personalised English course

At Business Talen Rotterdam BV you will learn English in a professional manner. Together with your own private teacher, you will develop your own program and shape your own English course. This could be to improve your communication skills in English, widen your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation, build a solid grammar base, practise reading and writing skills, learn how to give a good presentation in English, prepare a speech, write better emails or reports or simply work on social talk.

Sector specific English course
You can also expand your knowledge of English in the sector in which you work. Business Talen Rotterdam BV offers sector specific English language training in the fields of international trade, shipping, logistics, technology, finance, ICT, accountancy, industry, services, law, etc. Every English course is tailor-made, so you achieve exactly what you need.

Free introductory lesson
Prior to each English course, in a free introductory lesson of 1.5 hours, the teacher will test your current knowledge of English and note all of your requirements. You can also look at various course materials and discuss the design of the course.

Evaluation and price estimates for English courses
After the introductory lesson, the teacher will write a detailed assessment report that will be sent to you along with the price estimate. You can then read what you discussed in the free introductory lesson. If you are happy with our proposal, all you need to do is to call us and tell us when you would like to begin your course.

If, during the course, you wish to explore other areas of the English language or would like to change the direction of your course, your teacher is always on hand to help you and to meet your requirements. Your goals are the starting point for our teachers!

Minimum number of lessons for English courses
There is a compulsory minimum of 15 language lessons of 1.5 hours.
If you purchase 25 lessons of 1.5 hours, you will get 2 extra lessons free of charge.