Dutch language course

Dutch course at Business Talen Rotterdam BV

Why learn Dutch?

Whether you have just moved to the Nederlands or have lived here for years, a good grasp of the Dutch language will benefit you tremendously: for example when out shopping, making banking arrangements, chatting to the neighbours, making a telephone call, writing E-mails or letters, etc. Nowadays in the workplace more and more employers also require their employees to have knowledge of and be able to speak Dutch. For example, in order to speak to clients in a professional manner, to participate in a meeting, to get along with colleagues, to write business reports and to move up the professional ladder.

Dutch language course

Learning Dutch

Learning Dutch is a challenge in itself

Every Dutch course at Business Talen Rotterdam BV is on an individual basis and tailor made: the lessons are therefore private. Your time will be invested effectively and you will see a lot of progress in a short space of time. This is down to the fact that you only deal with the aspects of the language that are important to you. Together with your own private teacher, you will build your own curriculum so that you cover what you need at the speed that suits you.  


Professional Dutch language classes

At Business Talen Rotterdam BV you will learn Dutch in a professional manner. Together with your own private teacher, you will develop your own language program. You also will receive appropriate material to strengthen the foundation of each lesson and to give your course shape and structure. This could be to improve your communication skills, widen your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation, build a solid grammar base, practice reading and writing skills, learn how to give a good presentation in Dutch, prepare a speech, write better emails or reports or simply work on social conversation.


Free introductory lesson

In a free introductory lesson of 1.5 hours prior to each Dutch course, the teacher will test your current knowledge of  the Dutch language and note your requirements. You can also look at various course materials and discuss the design of the course.


Evaluation and  price estimates for Dutch courses

After the introductory lesson, the teacher will write a detailed assessment report that will be sent to you along with the estimated course fee. You can then read what you discussed in the free introductory lesson. If you are happy with our proposal, all you need to do is to call us and tell us when you would like to begin the course.
If, during the course, you wish to explore other areas of the Dutch language or would like to change the direction of the course, your teacher is always there to help you and to meet your requirements. Your goals are the starting point for our teachers!


Minimum Number of lessons for Dutch course

There is a compulsory minimum of 15 language lessons of 1.5 hours. If you purchase 25 lessons of 1.5 hours, you will get 2 extra language lessons free of charge.